We review up to 10 items for consignment by appointment on Tuesday through Saturday only.  Appointments can be made via our website, by telephone (816-390-8181), or by visiting our store.  At this point, WE DO NOT BOOK APPOINTMENTS VIA EMAIL.

To keep our merchandise mix fresh, and to be fair to our ever growing list of consignors, there must be at least 7 days between each appointment.

We can review 10 pieces of clothing, home décor &/or housewares at your appointment.  This is subject to change due to inventory levels.  Clothing must be on hangers or folded neatly as flat as possible in a tote or box.  We cannot accept clothing in any type of bag.  Home décor, housewares & furniture must be in good repair.  All items brought in for consignment MUST BE CLEAN!!–We cannot clean items.

OUR ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM ONLY BOOKS APPOINTMENTS FOR 14 DAYS AT AT TIME. PLEASE CLICK ON ANY DATE THAT SAYS “Available” TO SEE THE APPOINTMENT TIMES TO CHOOSE FROM. (If all days say “Not Available” then there are no available appointments for the next 14 days. Consider trying again tomorrow)


Consignment Process

Items to be reviewed for consignment are to be brought in through the RED DOOR on BECK ROAD at your appointment time.  Please  sign in on the clipboard in the processing area. Please write your Consignor # (if applicable), name and time.  Also circle the types of items you are bringing.

While a volunteer staff member is reviewing your items, feel free to look around the store or enjoy a free cup of coffee.  Your appointment will be 20 minutes long, during which time we will check your items carefully and price those that we feel we can sell. All other items will be returned to you before you leave.  If you arrive late, we must still end your appointment at its scheduled time and may not be able to process all of your items.

Your clothing and household & home decor items will stay on the shop floor for about 6-8 weeks. The last 2 weeks they will be discounted–50% off, then to a $1 for the last few days. After the consignment period is up, any items left will be donated to a local charity. We are currently donating to Grace House, The Lord’s Store, Pregnancy Resource Center, Second Season, and other local charities. If you prefer to collect your items before they are donated we recommend that you come back in 4 weeks. We do not keep an itemized inventory of the items that you consign. We will be able to tell you how many of your items that have sold but not which exact items or how many items you have left.

You will be assigned a Consignor number on your first day of consigning. When an item of yours sells, your portion of the price it sells for goes into your account in our computer system, under your number. You can use that money as store credit at any time or request to have a check issued. The checks must be over $20 and you may request once every 30 days.

We look forward to having you Consign with us.

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